Weed gummies make the best choice for infused snacks when you want to enjoy edibles that take less time to kick in compared to medicated brownies or cookies. CBD gummies are also highly potent which makes them effective for soothing pain or managing anxiety. In this article, our dedicated cannabis team will answer the most commonly asked questions we get about buying gummies in Kitchener.

CBD Gummies vs. THC Gummies: What’s the Difference? 

All edibles and gummies have CBD and THC, but some have more than others to evoke different effects.

Cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD, is the most potent medical compound found in cannabis plants. Medical research has shown that it has calming properties and is effective in treating anxiety, inflammation, and managing symptoms of chronic illnesses. You’ll feel its presence both mentally and physically after consuming the recommended dose.

TetraHydraCannabinol or THC is a compound that gets you high and upbeat, whether it’s eating THC weed gummies or smoking an Indica or Sativa pre-roll. It also makes you enjoy food and this is why doctors may recommend THC gummies to patients with loss of appetite. 

Which Gummies Do You Recommend?

At Highland Cannabis, we prefer listening to our customers to know whether they want recreational or medicinal cannabis gummies. For instance, a gym enthusiast will benefit more from CBD rather than THC due to lifestyle needs. 

 A pack of Wana Pomegranate 5.1 is a good example of full-spectrum CBD gummies because, in addition to cannabidiol, it contains other cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. You’ll experience instant relaxation after chewing a couple of gummies since it contains at least 50 mg of CBD. It’s also ideal if you want to get a little high while treating inflamed muscles or sore joints since it contains 10 mg of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

 On the other hand, you can purchase CBD gummies in Kitchener Waterloo that contain little to no THC to avoid getting high. You’ll get 5 mg of CBD combined with 1.25 mg of THC in each gummy from Ace Valley Grapefruit 4.1. Each gummy provides mind relaxation which is needed for anxiety management as well as promoting sleep for people struggling with insomnia. The THC contained in these gummies is insufficient to get you high but it boosts the CBD’s medical properties while working in the body.

Do CBD Gummies Have Side Effects?

Just like any medication, you would purchase from the pharmacy, excessive consumption is dangerous to your health. Consuming CBD gummies excessively can cause drowsiness since the mind-relaxing properties can become sedative and this poses a huge risk when driving on the road or operating industrial machinery. 

It’s crucial to know that excessive consumption of CBD gummies can cause dry eyes as well as cottonmouth. Dry eyes pose a risk while driving because they increase light sensitivity, which is especially dangerous at night. 

THC Gummies Recommendations

Some people enjoy watching movies while baked. Our recommended movie snack is a pack of SOURZ Blue Raspberry because it’s made using a top-shelf Indica strain that produces a long-lasting high. Indica strains also calm down the mind to the point of tranquility and this is exactly what you want when sitting down to watch a movie. 

If you’re enjoying an afternoon picnic in an area where smoking isn’t allowed, you can circumvent the situation using THC gummies. They usually take 5-10 minutes to activate, which is almost a similar experience to smoking a joint or vaping a THC cart.

How do you Recover from Edibles?

It takes self-control to avoid a nasty experience with edibles. Consuming an entire pack of THC gummies can cause nausea, sweating, and an unpleasant high that can cause anxiety attacks.  Here are a few steps you can use to recover from eating excess weed candies.

1. Find a Quiet Room To Rest In

Excess levels of THC in the body can trigger anxiety attacks or paranoia. Even people who’ve had previous experiences with weed gummies and smoke cannabis frequently can still find themselves in the same situation due to consuming more than the recommended dose. 

The first step to managing this situation is finding a quiet room where you can lay down for a while to slow the racing thoughts. Make sure you have a comfortable bed and pillow since you might decide to sleep it off.

2. Stay Hydrated

THC dries up the body and it’s the main reason why people experience cottonmouth after smoking a joint or vaping. Dehydration takes place faster when you’ve eaten edibles due to the amount of THC circulating within your body. That’s why most people have dry eyes after eating cannabis edibles.

 Staying hydrated enables you to avoid headaches and light sensitivity that can make the unpleasant high even worse. Get a supply of fresh water and sip it frequently to help you stay alert.

3. Get A CBD Vape

CBD works by calming the mind and interacts with the body differently compared to THC. You’ll feel much better after vaping an ACE Valley CBD 510 cart because it reverses the THC effects and neutralizes the high within 10 minutes.  

It’s Easy Getting a Pack of Legal Gummies In Kitchener!

A pack of gummies is great when you’re at home and you need a Sativa boost to help you complete the tasks on your To-Do list. If you need help getting some sleep, all you have to do is visit our store and get some CBD gummies, cannabis chocolates, cannabis concentrates and other cannabis-infused products to get the job done. You can even get them delivered!

At Highland Cannabis, we enjoy meeting new customers and help them choose CBD or THC gummies based on individual preferences and lifestyle needs. Feel free to visit us at 370 Highland Road West, Kitchener and you’ll leave with a smile on your face.