Women in Cannabis: Breaking Stigma and Prioritizing Wellness

Women in Cannabis: Breaking Stigma and Prioritizing Wellness

As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, it’s becoming clear that women are a driving force in this space. While it’s true that the industry has been traditionally male-dominated, that is changing rapidly as more women recognize the many benefits of cannabis as a tool for wellness. As a leading brand in creating cannabis products tailored to women, Madge and Mercer – Modern Apothecary, the first cannabis brand that is science and research-based, is leading the way by providing cannabis products tailored specifically for women over 40. In addition to being design-forward and crafted with intention, the products crafted by Madge and Mercer are less strain-specific and are crafted to taste good with a recipe-forward approach, as well as being beneficial to women’s health.

 However, despite this progress, women still face significant disparities in the industry. Women’s expertise is often overlooked, and their use of cannabis is still heavily scrutinized. By shining a light on the importance of women in cannabis and supporting brands like Madge and Mercer, we can challenge the stigma surrounding women’s access to cannabis and help women of all ages experience the possible benefits of it, too. 

MADGE AND MERCER founder and CEO Shauna Levy
MADGE AND MERCER founder and CEO Shauna Levy (Stacey Bradford Photography)

The Toronto-based cannabis-wellness brand, Madge and Mercer, aims to educate women about the benefits of cannabis for their holistic well-being and breaks down barriers in the cannabis industry. We at Highland Cannabis, had the chance to chat with the woman-owned cannabis brands founder, Shauna Levy, who shares more insight on the benefits of cannabis, being a woman in the cannabis industry, and how to overcome the stigma around the plant. 

Video Games and Weed: A Cannabis Pairing Guide to Enhance your Gaming Experience

Video Games and Weed: A Cannabis Pairing Guide to Enhance your Gaming Experience

The cultural history of cannabis and video games is undeniable. In both stoner culture and video game culture, each has their own histories that intertwined early on during their popularization, as those who indulge both have found them to be a dynamic combination. 

However dynamic they might be, it’s important to note that when it comes to video games and cannabis – a one size fits all method shouldn’t be applied– It is important to choose the right kind of Cannabis paired with the right type of game to get the best vibe possible.

We spoke to Sumi and Kassidy, our budtenders at Highland Cannabis in Kitchener, to share what they know about cannabis and gaming to help pick a strain packed with a strong terpene profile that will complement your high while gaming.

The next time you ask what video game should I play high? Come back to this article!

Unpacking Terpenes with Carmel Cannabis –  A Guide to Understanding Cannabis and Terpenes

Unpacking Terpenes with Carmel Cannabis –  A Guide to Understanding Cannabis and Terpenes

John Strauss from Carmel Cannabis tells us everything we need to know to understand terpenes 

Terpenes are mentioned all the time in the cannabis sphere. It’s not unusual to hear that a strain is packed with terpenes, but for someone that may just be getting into cannabis, there can be a lot of misconceptions and misinformation about what terpenes are. 

As always, our team at Highland has your best interests at heart and wants to share the knowledge so the next time you’re in our shop, you can fully be in the know. 

For this particular topic, we’ve asked our friends from Carmel Cannabis to share some of their knowledge, and what some common misconceptions are about terpenes. 

Live Resin VS Hot Dog Water – An Educational Guide to Understanding Extracts and Concentrates

Live Resin VS Hot Dog Water – An Educational Guide to Understanding Extracts and Concentrates

A conversation between Thrive Cannabis and Highland Dispensary about the differences between Live Resin and Distilitates, and How to Choose the Quality Products.

Since we opened up our shop in 2020 in Kitchener, our goal has always been to educate our clientele on the robust, quality products in our shop. A lot of our products are sourced locally and curated through the ever-expanding network of master growers and community of cannabis enthusiasts in Ontario and beyond. As our community continues to grow, it only feels natural to highlight some of the products in our shop. 


Blazing the Trails – A Canadian Guide for Cannabis Friendly Campgrounds

420 Friendly campgrounds to make camping this season a little greener. 

Updated June 15 2023

Since 2018, Parks Canada has allowed campers to spark up at their campsites, and as peak season quickly approaches, we wanted to make it a little easier to find a spot in the outdoors to maximize green space for optimal recreational fun. 

Each province has its own set of guidelines to follow when it comes to cannabis consumption in Canadian Parks. Generally speaking, cannabis use is acceptable in most front-country individual campsites and trails across Canada, but regulations vary from province to province.

There’s an emphasis on smoke-free environments, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the nature that Canadian Parks have to offer.

Here is a breakdown of cannabis-friendly campgrounds and trails in Canada, along with how they rank on our cannabis-friendly scale so you can enjoy them this camping season. 

Key Findings:

This is what the Highland team found: 

  • Out of a criteria of six variables – public and day-use areas, backcountry, trails, common campground areas, and playgrounds – the Highland team calculated which provinces ranked the most and least cannabis friendly based on the Parks Canada regulations.
    • British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Northwest Territories and Nunavut ranked the most friendly as 66% of camp facilities are cannabis friendly.
    • Nova Scotia keeps it neutral at 50%. 
    • Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and the Yukon ranked the lowest at 16%.
  • Registered campsites are seen as private dwellings, which means cannabis consumption is permitted.
  • The limit to carry cannabis across Canada is 30 grams per person if you are of age.
  • Local municipalities set their own rules, as do private campground owners.