Have you ever walked into a dispensary and the budtender asked whether you want a daytime or evening strain? Sativa strains are unique because they stimulate both mind and body. These characteristics make it favourable for enhancing creativity or having great conversations with other people. Here’s some good news, you’ll get the best Sativa in Kitchener under one roof at Highland Cannabis.

What Is The Difference Between Sativa and Indica? 

Indica strains such as Wedding Cake contain a different set of cannabinoids that put the mind in a tranquil state. This cannabis variety makes you just want to stay at home and chill because couch lock is synonymous with Indica products. Some people smoke it since the high levels of THC make it effective in soothing pain.

What Are The Benefits of Sativa?

1. Versatile: Day and Night Strain

Smoking a Sativa pre-roll in the morning helps in boosting mental alertness thanks to unique cannabinoids that stimulate the mind. This is great for people who wake up at 4 AM to hit the gym because it also prepares you for warm-up routines.

 In the evening, you’ll feel rejuvenated after vaping a few hits of a Strawberry Ice Sativa cart because its cannabinoids and terpenes work on the body like a cold shower. Sativa is the best strains to smoke for movie nights because it helps the mind stay alert. 

2. Ideal for Sports

Listening to music is one of the ways people use to prepare for morning runs or gym sessions. It stimulates the brain to produce adrenaline which puts you in the zone for intense physical activities. You can also gain the same mental energy by smoking Sativa strains. 

3. Compatible With Creativity

Do you enjoy smoking cannabis that gets you high and creative? At Highland Cannabis, we recommend Sativas that provide this experience from our catalogue of pre-rolls and vapes.

4. Ideal for Creative Sessions

Did you know that you can enhance your mental performance by drinking coffee after smoking a pre-roll. Steve Kotler, author of The Rise Of Superman explains how the brain peaks in performance after entering a state of flow that’s triggered using a combination of coffee and cannabis.

5. Best Cannabis Variety for Beginners

Perhaps you’re wondering which Sativa in Kitchener is ideal for people who’ve just started smoking cannabis. Highland Cannabis has a variety of sativa flowers or buds that have friendly THC levels, for instance, Blue Dream is a tasty strain containing 16% THC.  This moderate amount enables you to feel euphoric and social for a few hours.

 Indica strains, on the other hand, tend to pack more CBD and that’s why seasoned daily smokers prefer it to Sativa. However, smoking or vaping an indica is not ideal for beginners because they can experience anxiety attacks due to the high amount of THC.

Highland’s List Of Best Sativa Strains In Kitchener

1. Animal Face

This Sativa strain is for seasoned smokers since it packs a high THC concentration that ranges between 18-24%. Animal Face Sativa is a perfect daytime strain because the high concentration allows you to smoke one joint and feel energized throughout the day. Plus, the combination of humulene and limonene terpenes acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory for sore muscles and tissues in the body.

2. Tangerine Dream

This here is what you want to purchase for someone new to cannabis. Tangerine Dream contains moderate THC levels because it’s nurtured to enhance alertness and uplift your mood. Budtenders also recommend it for enhancing creativity and this makes it ideal for both daytime and evening use.

3. O.S (Original Stash) Reserve

This strain draws attention thanks to its amazing terpenes and heavy-hitting THC percentage. What makes O.S Reserve stand out is that its lineage consists of top-shelf Sativas. The huge frosty nugs from this powerful Sativa make it easier to roll blunts or joints.

4. Island Honey

Island Honey has a moderate amount of THC which makes it appealing to both beginners and daily consumers of cannabis. It’s a hybrid consisting of Early Pearl Sativa that packs 18% THC and contains terpenes such as Pinene that’s great for anxiety management.

5. Green Crush

Green Crush is a strain that has an interesting history compared to other Sativas on this list. It’s been in the market since the ’90s but its genetic lineage has remained a secret for decades. This strain will boost your alertness to the point that it can replace your morning cup of coffee.

 Enjoy The Best Sativa Strains In Kitchener Today!

At Highland Cannabis, we enjoy meeting new customers and helping them choose Sativa strains based on individual preferences and lifestyle needs. Feel free to visit us at 370 Highland Road West, Kitchener and you’ll leave with a smile on your face.