Highlander Rewards Program

We love showering our customers with love so we’ve launched the Highlander Rewards program! Every time you visit our store you earn 1 point, and points can be redeemed from our online catalog of awesome free stuff!

Important rules:

  • You MUST redeem points in store with one of our staff.  Do not redeem points at home or anywhere else.
  • If you do not have a mobile phone with data, we have installed special tablets in our store where you can login and check your points balance or redeem points.
  • Availability of prizes may vary – catalog will be updated from time to time – always check with staff first when you redeem your points in-store.
  • When you join the rewards program we may send you a text message from time to time asking for feedback (so we can make sure we keep providing awesome service!) or with updates about Highland Cannabis, information about sales, special offers, or new products.
  • Maximum 1 point per day
  • Points have no cash value
  • No purchase necessary
You can check your points balance and browse the catalog of prizes at any time at the rewards page.
Highland Cannabis Dispensary